Us vs them morality

Edmund Husserl (1859, Prostějov, Czechia, 1938, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)

Husserl speaks of —

“The cultural vacuousness surrounding Hitler that gave great power to braggarts like Eichmann who, much like our own Donald Trump, also coveted media coverage, had no interest in truth, and immediately polarized as they arose, complex situations ones like our own immigration, the ravages of Covid-19, global warming et al. by casting them most often as issues of “us” versus “them”, that is these were our fake issues, not his. The Us were of course Trump’s “Patriots, ” in fact the spineless Republicans, and we were the “them,”for the moment anyway the Democrats. Nothing could be done to stop Trump from polarizing us in this manner. How could this possibly have happened? That morality, moral behavior, had become nothing more than the constant battle between “us,” that is Trump and friends, and “them,” now the left leaning Socialists and Communists as he calls us.

Again, Cry the Beloved country.

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