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Quora: Why is evolution taught as fact when it is theory? Barry Goldberg,

Philosopher, Sage, Luminary and Professional Thinking Person

Actually, if you were paying attention, you’d discover that the observed fact of evolution is being taught as a fact, while the theory of evolution (that explains that fact) is taught as a theory.

The theory of gravity explains the observed fact of gravity, and yet nobody seems to mind that the theory is taught in school.

The germ theory of diseases explains the observed fact of diseases, and yet nobody seems to mind that the theory is taught in school.

And this is because, of course, when scientists use the word “theory” they don’t just mean a wild guess or an idea without any evidence to back it up. Instead:

In modern science, the term “theory” refers to scientific theories, a well-confirmed type of explanation of nature, made in a way consistent with scientific method, and fulfilling the criteria required by modern science. Such theories are described in such a way that scientific tests should be able to provide empirical support for, or empirically contradict (“falsify”) it. Scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorous, and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge, in contrast to more common uses of the word “theory” that imply that something is unproven or speculative (which is better characterized by the word hypothesis). Scientific theories are distinguished from hypotheses, which are individual empirically testable conjectures, and from scientific laws, which are descriptive accounts of how nature behaves under certain conditions.

Theory – Wikipedia

I hope this helps clear things up a bit for you.

Trump has never apologized

Quora Question: Has Trump ever apologized, for example, to former President Obama for spreading the Birther lie?

Answered by Bruce Spielbauer, July 12, 2019

“Actually, your question can be truncated, as follows: “Has Trump ever apologized?” And, the answer is (of course) no. Trump has never apologized.”

Trump has never apologized for any of the damage that he has done to this nation, nor has he apologized for the damage he has done to the citizens of this nation, nor has he apologized for the damage he has done to the allies of this nation, nor has he apologized for the damage he has done to the planet, nor has he apologized for the damage he has done to the human beings who inhabit this planet.

And, he never will.

Quora wisdom

Do you think that Donald even knows that the Quora internet site exists? I don’t think he has any idea. I think Quora is just about the best we can have/do on the internet. Quora comes in the form of answers to submitted questions, the answers illustrating more often than not the wisdom of common sense.  Common sense, I would say,  is the knowledge , sometimes designated as wisdom, that we share, knowledge, that has come to us over the some tens of thousands of years of our species’ existence, thanks to the countless observations and note taking of science and its practitioners.  Actually all, of us, to to the extent we are human, are all scientists. We are always looking about us and “taking down” what we see.

This kind of common sensical knowledge doesn’t come from religion. Religion is all that science is not, often all dogma rather than discovery, as some have put it, and whose, practitioners, shamans, ministers, priests, rabbis, monks, magicians et al.. have mostly led themselves and the rest of us astray, while inflicting upon us untold suffering, causing millions of unnecessary deaths most often by something as an insubstantial difference of opinion, a little difference that too often leads to genocide and war. While science is no less subject to differences of opinion these differences have never led us, as have religions, to the brutal exterminations of the ones out of power by those in power

Anyway getting back to my subject, Quora (the plural of quoram, both words, meaning the group of people required to carry over a transaction in an organization, that is the requisite number of those needed to get the business done. Why was this name chosen for the web site. I don’t know.

Here’s the Quora question and answer for today:


Mats Andersson
Mats Andersson, Professional Translator English into Swedish (1991-present)

What is the America as in MAGA…or “Make America Great Again”?

Homo Erectus, one million years before Adam and Eve

Kurt Bengtson
, studied Archaeology at Stockholm University (1988)

A million years ago the dominant hominid species were Homo Erectus (Homo Ergaster in Africa). It is probably the hominid species with the longest lifespan. From its first appearance 1,8 mya until about 140.000 years ago when a small population still existed in and around Java. It was the first human to wander outside the African continent. It was the first human to learn how to control fire. They were also the first true human hunters. Their predecessor, Homo Habilis, used tools but did not really hunt; it scavenged recently dead prey with sharp tools and took meat and hides. But they never used spears while Homo Erectus did.

So, one milion years ago, Homo Erectus was a typical hunter-gatherer. He was still not as tall as later relatives would be, between 1,45 and 1,85 m. A typical male perhaps 1, 60–1,70 m in general and a female 1,50–1,60 m. His weight between 40 kg and 75. They had developed fire and used it for many purposes. Cooking fires are seen in the archaeological finds from approximately 1,4 mya. Fire was also a protection from bigger predators and could be used as a help in hunting (if they actually used fire for hunting purposes is very difficult to prove but there certainly is a possibility). Their bigger bodies (than Habilis) needed more food to sustain them and give them energy. Given their stature they were probably effective runners with a good stamina. They could not run as fast as their prey but they could run for a longer time than their prey. This kind of hunting demands social communication to be really effective. Some reconstruction of their skulls suggest that the area where social communication is lodged in the brain were developed and they probably used both signs and speech to communicate.

There is also proof that they took care of each other. Elderly individuals have been found, one whose teeth had fallen out long before he died. He had to have help to survive and the community he lived in gave it to him. Though they took care of their tribe members there is no evidence of burials. That is not to say that they did not do it, only that we can’t prove that they did.

Erectus’ spreading pattern around the globe suggest that he was not adjusted for a colder climate. Proof of clothing is absent and he keeps himself to Africa, southern Asia and possibly southern Spain. The first proof of clothing we have come from his relative Homo Heidelbergensis (about 0,7 mya) which did move further north (Germany).

Below is a possible reconstruction of a campsite. They used caves or overhangs but could do without too. Fire was a powerful protector.

Christian Winter, Evolution & the Big Bang

Christian Winter
Christian Winter, Evolution actually is not that difficult

Is the Big Bang actually possible?

We don’t know. That does not imply God.

People that argue against evolution say “how can something come from nothing”.

That’s not an argument but a question which has nothing to do with evolution. Evolution deals with the question how the species we have today could have developed from first life. How first life came into existence is still unclear. We have some ideas but nothing conclusive.

The question also is inadequate. Life did not come from nothing. Life, as it seems somehow came from inanimate matter. That is not nothing.

What is your argument and proof of evolution and the Big Bang theory?

That evolution is happening needs no proof, because it’s not a theory but an observation. We can clearly see that from millions of fossils we found. We can see that with microorganisms exposed to antibiotics. The current theories of evolution simply are our most plausible explanations for that phenomenon.

Same goes for the Big Bang. We have a ton of evidence that points in that direction. It’s the most plausible explanation. What is beyond that, we cannot tell. All our models break down within a Planck environment around the Big Bang. Maybe we will never know. Again, that does not imply God.