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Our country’s tried and true formula for success.

Thomas Friedman answers the Quora question, 

The short answer is to get back to our tried and true formula for success. We had a formula for success in this country that dates back to our first President and has been reinforced and reaffirmed by all the best ones since:

  1. Educate our people up to and beyond whatever the level of technology is. When it was agriculture — universal primary education, when it was the factory — universal secondary education, when it is now services and the knowledge economy — some form of universal post-secondary education.
  2. Have the most open immigration policy to attract both the high-IQ risk-takers and the high energy aspirational workers.
  3. Have the most government-funded basic research to push out the boundaries of science and technology so that our risk-takers can pluck off the most promising flowers and start new companies.
  4. Have the best rules to incentivize risk-taking and prevent recklessness in financial markets
  5. Build the best infrastructure — ports, roads, airports, water ways and fast rail.

Taken from the Quora Digest, April 14, 2016