Make America Great Again



School Beginsseeks to show us how the U.S. government apparently accepted “The White Man’s Burden” and decided to bring “civilization” to the new territories. We see how there is an African-American boy working in the classroom, a Native American student reading a book upside-down, and a Chinese boy attempting to come into the classroom but seemingly excluded. Even as the American ideal is being extended to some, it is simultaneously corrupted or denied to others. The territories acquired from the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) are also represented, as quiet, studious Anglo-Saxons rather than as Spaniards or Mestizos.

The American people, those of Anglo/European descent, at least, had to meet their supposed responsibilities as “properly civilized” people and extend civilization to those less fortunate. The depiction of the territories acquired from the Mexican Cession of 1848 as white is also indicative of an assimilationist attitude which continues today. Those who cannot assimilate in appearance or culture to the mainstream (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are deemed as failures or undesirables, definitively identified and separated from the rest.

Puck was the first successful humor and political satire magazine in the United States, making fun by means of colorful cartoons and caricatures of the leaders and issues of the day. It stopped publishing in 1918 and now, 100 years later, in 2018, it, or something like it, is sorely missed. Think of the great fun Puck would have depicting with humor and satire our golfing and tweeting white supremacist president. 


Old World Language Families

The Old World Language Families infographic from Stand Still Stay Silent Comic shows the “roots” of our modern languages. Follow each language’s path from bush to roots and discover how closely languages are related to each other.


Language trees for the language lovers! I’ve gathered pretty much all the data for this from, which is an awesome well of information about language families. And if anyone finds some important language missing let me know! (Naturally most tiny languages didn’t make it on the graph, aww. There’s literally hundreds of them in the Indo-European family alone and I could only fit so many on this page, so most sub-1 mil. speaker languages that don’t have official status somewhere got the cut.)

14 October. 2014


I’m a Finnish-Swedish lady, born in Sweden in 1990 and living in Finland during 1997-2013, and now I’m currently living in Sweden again for a little while. I got myself a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the university of industrial arts in Helsinki in 2013, and during my two final years of those studies I drew my first real webcomic, A Redtail’s dream, a 556 page tale built around some concepts of Finnish mythology.  ~Minna Sundberg

Falcon Hunters Become Fervent Preservationists


“We saw the birds as God’s blessing, like manna from heaven, and we hunted them more and more and depended on them more and more,” said R. Obemomo Jami, Pangti’s village manager, who like many Nagas is fervently Christian. “Then the world came to know that the Pangti village people have created a great sin. And so the village passed a ban.”

The New York Times,
JAN. 4, 2015

Millions of migrating Amur falcons passed unharmed through India in October and November after villagers in Pangti ordered a ban on hunting. CreditRamki Sreenivasan/Conservation India
Amur falcons, small birds of prey that feed mostly on insects, were slaughtered for food.CreditRamki Sreenivasan/Conservation India

Left and Right in the Catholic Church

two popesMario Jorge Bergoglio, a former papal candidate, found himself in the Holy See when during that time, on February 28, 2013, Pope Benedict gave up his papal position and opted instead for a centuries-first retirement package. On March 13 Mario was elected the new Pope Francis and almost immediately his homage to St. Francis of Assisi and his humility endeared him to millions. He won over the more liberal members of the church with his urgings to relieve poverty, thereby revealing his own position on the political left of the Church, —rather than decry homosexuality, premarital sex and abortion, along with much else, as did his predecessor, Pope Benedict, revealing his place on the Church’s political Right.